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Please find below some of the unsolicited testimonials and reviews Marian Boswall Landscape Architects has received about our work.

You understood what I was trying to achieve and you created a beautifully simple flow and unity for the garden. I also loved the fact you didn’t try to over-design the garden and you were leaving nature and the surroundings to do a lot of the talking by simplifying the design down. You provided the symmetry to the garden.

I think ultimately the beauty of this garden will be it’s perceived lightness of touch. It is a garden that a beginner like myself can play and experiment with.

Best wishes,
Mrs H, Kent

Dear Mrs R

You have made an excellent choice to employ Marian. We could not recommend her more highly. She has a unique combination of a superb business mind combined with an extensive knowledge and creative and sensitive flair for design and and plants. Marian is a wonderful listener and takes time and trouble to understand exactly what you are looking for and what concepts will ultimately suit your individual and practical needs.

Marian is incredibly thorough and has an excellent team to support all the various facets of the garden design and nothing is left to chance. She also provides a very good after care service to monitor and offer advice as your garden matures and develops and adjust or change a few plants if necessary.

You will really enjoy working with Marian and I wish you very success with what must be a very exciting project.

Best wishes,
Mrs F, Kent

Exquisite planting… what a true artist you are – and what a stunning talent, Such a joyous way to experience this life.

Mrs R, Suffolk

Check out #landscapedesigner @marianboswalllandscapes practice thoughts for 12 days of Christmas. The most thoughtful expression of what we do that I have read in quite some time. Read, learn, think.

Women In Landscape Design (via Instagram)

An outstanding example of 21st century landscape design … The imaginative design has complemented this historic property and opened up stunning vistas to the park, whilst also providing visually appealing series of spaces…

Sussex Heritage Trust Award for Landscape 2018

An absolutely stunning garden demonstrating sumptuous planting with texture, mood, atmosphere and playfulness. Includes a great synergy of materials and wonderful links between the different areas that give the garden an elegant and calm pace. Fits perfectly into the setting and shows a great attention to detail.

Society of Garden Designers Award for Large Residential Garden

Marian Boswall’s design… certainly doesn’t stint on abundance, flower impact and lounging opportunities in summer, but underpinning all that lushness is a rigorously thought-through framework which really emerges when deciduous trees and shrubs are bare and flower colour has faded to sepia.

Garden Design Journal

Reighton Wood is a garden that is subtle yet striking in design, a garden muscular yet free flowing and dreamy, a garden with an unerring sense of proportion and detail, a garden stuffed with interesting plants but uncluttered by an awareness of fashion or competition and, a garden that feels like it has grown as a response to its surroundings. It feels familiar and comforting strolling the many paths and exploring the hidden corners. Robyn and Mark feel strongly that this is their place and have a sense of duty to leave something special after they have gone. I think they might succeed.

Troy Scott Smith, Head Gardener of Sissinghurst writing in Gardens Illustrated

A beautiful garden that makes an important, and long lasting, change to the landscape within which it sits. Demonstrating exquisite planting with texture, atmosphere and a great synergy of materials, it fits perfectly into its setting and looks wonderful all year round.

Society of Garden Designers Grand Award 2019

The garden continues to look amazing… and brings us so much happiness on a daily basis.

Mrs H, Kent