Sustainable Garden

Marian’s new book: Sustainable Garden. Projects, insights and advice for the eco-conscious gardener.

In Sustainable Garden, landscape architect and sustainable gardener Marian Boswall walks us through the process of creating and managing a sustainable outdoor space, offering insights, guidance and step-by-step projects designed to help you lead a more low-impact lifestyle.

Whether it’s by harnessing natural energy, converting to peat-free compost, reducing your consumption of plastic, saving seeds or creating garden areas from reclaimed materials, there are numerous ways – both big and small – to make a difference.

Entries cover every aspect of the garden, from how to create a space and design a layout for your sustainable garden from scratch, to advice on boundaries and fences, and guidance on how to ethically source materials to make sure your garden is as environmentally friendly as it is beautiful.

This book also contains several projects with easy-to-follow instructions that you can replicate at home, such as creating a frame for succulents to grow in out of recycled materials.

Sustainable Garden will guide anyone hoping to take informed and intelligent decisions to make a difference, but who perhaps don’t know where to begin.

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Liz Somers, Campaigns Manager E.