Upcoming Talks 2020

Marian Boswall will be giving a number of talks this year, see below for more details

January 2020

Marian will be giving a talk for the Gardening for Disabled Trust on Wednesday 29th January on her recent projects. The Gardening for Disabled Trust exists to help people continue to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening, despite disability. For more information about the organisation, please visit: Gardening for Disabled Trust 

Date: 29th January 2020
Location: Goudhurst Parish Hall, Balcombes Hill, Goudhurst, Kent TN17 1AJ.
Entrance: 6.30pm for 7pm
Tickets: £15
Wine & Canapés
To book tickets: info@gardeningfordisabledtrust.org.uk

Image: © Jason Ingram

February 2020

Marian’s Tedx Talk: On Tending To Ourselves As We Would A Garden

Marian will be discussing our gardens as a microcosm of how we treat the earth, and as we are part of the earth’s ecosystem, of how we treat ourselves. Our gardens provide us with sanctuary, personal paradise, physical and mental healing, food and medicine and an understanding of our selves. They can also shape the way we do business…We think we are shaping a garden, when actually we are shaping ourselves and the world.

Date: 1st February 2020
Location: Assembly Hall Theatre, Crescent Rd, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2LU
Entrance: 12pm
To find out more about the event and book tickets: Tedx Royal Tunbridge Wells

July 2020

Very Special Gardens in Kent with Marian Boswall

A tour of two beautiful gardens in Kent designed by Marian Boswall Landscape Architects organised by the Garden Museum. The tour includes a visit to a former priory that became a manor house in 15th century with wonderful walled gardens and renovated moat. The second tour will be of a stunning contemporary garden set in its own wooded valley, with tree line avenues and a pond providing a haven for wildlife.

Date: 1st July 2020
To find out more about the tours and to book tickets: Garden Museum

Image: © Marianne Majerus

September 2020

Garden Masterclass
Listening to the land – creating a garden to endure with Marian Boswall and Caroline Jackson

Spend a day in this award-winning garden where Marian will explain how she responds to the land, its energy, history and natural setting, to inform an enduring design, from layout to material choices and planting. In the afternoon Marian will be joined by plant expert and RHS examiner Caroline Jackson for an in-depth discussion with the group on the planting and plant choices, focusing in to how selection and layout can ensure a long lasting garden.

Date: 29th September 2020
To find out more about this event and to book tickets: Garden Masterclass

Image: © Jason Ingram