Landscape Institute Council Election

We are delighted that our Director Catherine Birkin has been elected to the advisory board of the Landscape Institute Council.

The Advisory Council is the guardian of the spirit of the Landscape Institute’s Charter and of its long-term objectives. As prescribed by the Royal Charter, By-Laws and regulations, its main responsibilities are to ensure accountability, to hold the Board to account, to shape policy and inspire support. Catherine is a champion of the value and significance of our profession and an advocate of excellence. She is an active supporter of professional development and as part of her new appointment, will cultivate strategies and find platforms to attract diverse new members and encourage landscape professionals to become thought leaders.

At MBLA we believe that whilst Landscape is firmly of its place, we can learn from best practice worldwide. We welcome opportunities to share knowledge and by doing do, elevate skills and awareness. As Landscape Architects, we are integral to enhancing places and lives and as part of our commitment to the industry, we enjoy positioning ourselves to exert influence. If you would like to learn more or get involved then please contact Catherine on